Showroom: 126 West 25th Street New York, NY 10001

About Us / Company Information
Rent-A-Form specializes in renting forms and mannequins. We have been supplying all major Men's, Women's and Children's Trade Shows in the United States such as Coterie, Intermezzo and Bridal Market. 

We are located at:
126 West 25th Street 
New York, NY 10001
Our rentals are shipped from our Long Island City location at:
42-24 Orchard Street
Second Floor
Long Island City, NY 11101
Tel: 212-366-0571 ext 22
Fax: 212-366-0575
Order info
Shipping Information:
We ship out of New York. We don't charge for transit time but we do charge for shipping one way. Customer is responsible for shipping the form/mannequin back to our location. We use Federal Express ground for all of our outside NY shipments. Shipping within NYC we use local messenger services.
Payment Information:
We need to have credit card information available at time of initiating rental. We accept all major credit cards.
For Legal Notice please add:
This instrument confirms the terms and conditions of the rental of goods described on the face hereof. In the event that any document or writing states terms additional to or different from the terms and conditions of this instrument, then this instrument will supersede, and be deemed a notification of objection to, such additional and/or different terms. The customer's presentation of this instrument to Rent-A-Form will be deemed an acceptance of all the terms and conditions contained in this instrument.
For Terms and Conditions please add:
The exhibitor is responsible for items during the rental period. A $150.00 fee per item will apply if items are lost or stolen.





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